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Staying off the grid with your Bliss Mobil is one of the many things we encourage our clients to do. However, in case of emergency it can be vital to be able to access some connection to civilization. Our philosophy is that one should always be able to connect with civilization.

We have multiple ways to achieve this. If you are still in the inhabited world, the dual Internet router set-up that we provide as standard will suffice. For those who are going off the beaten path, we offer a stationary and portable satellite solution as an additional accessory. Both systems use the Iridium satellite system and thus work in remote places without mobile signals.

All critical data is automatically updated, “translated” and integrated for monitoring purposes. The mobile device can be used for tracking, but is also capable of communicating and sending emergency messages to a global SOS service. The stationary device is securely mounted in a weatherproof casing on top of the Bliss Mobil and is the main satellite-tracker.

The cost of this subscription consists of a one-time connection fee plus a monthly fee.

The portable satellite solution is a small and compact device that is more than just a tracker. The device can communicate over the Iridium satellite network via email and text messages. The latter two can be received on virtually any other mobile device, a smartphone being one of them. The monthly subscription enables all necessities that one might want without unforseen additional costs. The subscription can be temporarily disabled for a small fee per month.

With the solutions described above, your family will always know where you are due to the stationary tracker on the Bliss Mobil itself. If you are out skiing or hiking, you can let everyone, including the emergency services, know what you are up to thanks to the portable satellite solution. We value both the stationary and the portable solutions as true life savers. We highly recommend these to customers who are heading for extreme conditions with their Bliss Mobil; better to be safe than sorry!

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