The Freedom of Independence becomes a necessity

Whether a situation may be judged as being extreme varies from person to person. In any case it means that you are far from the civilised world without any facilities and that you have only yourself to rely on. Energy, water and the ability to store (fresh) food is of vital importance.

Without energy, a Bliss Mobil unit is “dead in the water” and none of the essential functionalities will work. This means that you cannot cool the unit when surviving in the Namib Desert, or heat the unit while crossing through Siberia. Also the water supply and purification systems will be out of order. Since energy is the cornerstone of any Bliss Mobil, we offer the highest quality solar panels on the market as standard on every Bliss Mobil. The energy generated by the solar panels is stored in high-end 24V Lithium-Ion batteries. Next to the primary energy source, (solar), there are also other independently functioning methods to charge the Lithium-Ion batteries, creating a redundancy in this area.

The solar panels are just one of the three ways used to charge the powerful batteries. The alternator in your truck is connected to the batteries using the standard cable connector installed in every Bliss Mobil unit. This basically means that the truck engine functions as a generator for the house batteries. Taking a break and heading out for a facilitated camp spot? Be sure to charge your unit with shore power by just plugging in a 230V or 110V power cable, depending on the unit configuration.

With a reliable supply of energy you can operate the optional water-maker. This device enables you to create your own supply of drinking water from natural resources such as rivers and/or lakes, taking your independence to the next level. An optional holding tank to store rain water or other natural water is available for temporary storage before converting it into potable water.

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