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With more than 80 Bliss Mobil units delivered and already travelling the world, we receive a lot of pictures which we would like to share. Please see the categorised gallery per product and find out how diverse our products are on the inside and be amazed by the beautiful landscapes and extreme-diverse conditions our customers travel through.

The gallery will also provide you with an insight into our organised tours, which are arranged in cooperation with Overland Travel. These expeditions are organised for existing customers as well as for our new rental customers.

We will take you on a tour of many unpaved roads and give you the experience of travelling with the Freedom of Independence.

20 Foot Unit

The 20 foot unit has the official dimensions of a DIN shipping container and can be placed one-on-one on any standard 20 foot container truck. With a dry weight of 4.200kg and a length of 6.100mm, the unit will fit 6×6 trucks as well as 4×4 trucks with an extended frame

18 Foot Unit

With a dry weight of 3.800kg and a length of 5400mm, it is suitable for both 6×6 as 4×4 trucks. All 18 foot units are equipped with our trademark steel frames and 60mm composite walls with a PET core.

15 Foot Unit

The 15 foot unit is the ideal expedition vehicle and very popular amongst those who travel with two, but want to be able to receive guests every now and then.

13 Foot Unit

Since weight is key for any expedition vehicle, but especially for the more compact ones, all our future 13 foot units will have an aluminium frame and 60mm composite walls with a PET core.

11 Foot Unit

With a dry weight of just 1.600 kg and a length of 3.358mm, the 11 foot unit is suitable for any 4×4 truck with a minimum wheelbase of 3.250mm.

Mobile Surgical Units

We gave it our all to create mobile, surgical and support units for really remote areas.

Product Range

Experience the diversity of our products by scrolling through this gallery.


Experience the diversity of our products by scrolling through this gallery.


Follow Mike, Andrea and Aimée on their trip to the most extreme places on Earth!

Iceland expedition summer 2020

We cannot describe Iceland; you have to experience it yourself. From impressive volcanoes and hot springs to spectacular wild waterfalls, black sand beaches, breathtaking glaciers and ice caves. Iceland has been breathtaking!

Morocco rental expeditions 2020

Spectacular sceneries and exquisite company. Returning to Morocco felt like a warm bath.

North Cape Expedition 2019

We went to winter wonderland with a group of Bliss Mobil owners.

Big Five Expedition 2018

Follow us on our journey through beautiful and breathtaking west Africa, nature’s territory.

China Gobi Desert

Our dealer in China made a breathtaking trip with customers through the Gobi Desert. Spectacular scenery’s, off road training and lots of memories!

New: Bliss Mobil Experience days

A unique opportunity to experience and use all aspects and functionalities of the Bliss yourself.

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