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Big Five Expedition 2018

In July and August of 2018, “Big Five”- Bliss Mobil trucks embarked on a journey to drive through gorgeous Namibia towards Botswana and Zimbabwe.

These three absolutely breathtaking countries in Africa are safe to travel and offer the opportunity of maximizing the use of your Bliss Mobil. We saw more than we could have hoped for!

From the most diverse landscapes and abundant nature to the most special natural phenomena; spotting the Big Five African animals in real-life, as well as hundreds of other amazing species of wildlife.

Driving through Namibia -often referred to as ‘Africa for beginners’ was a perfect start to this epic journey. Next in line was Botswana with its enigmatic landscape before we finished in Zimbabwe where we encountered numerous wildlife!

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A unique opportunity to experience and use all aspects and functionalities of the Bliss yourself.

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