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Delivery of a beautiful 20 foot Bliss Mobil Zetros

We are happy to announce that we delivered a beautiful 20 foot Bliss Mobil! The base vehicle is a well-equipped New Generation Zetros.

A beautiful 18 foot on its way to the USA!

This week we had the honours of delivering a beautiful 18 foot Bliss Mobil on a MAN KAT 6×6. This project started at the Overland Expo East show in Arrington, Virginia back in 2019 where we first met our customers.

Another Bliss Mobil on its way to China!

We are proud to announce that we have shipped another 13 foot Bliss Mobil unit to Beijing, China last week! With already over 20 Bliss Mobil customers driving on Chinese soil, the Bliss Mobil concept has proven its worth and overlanding capabilities.

16 foot Bliss Mobil delivery

We proudly announce that last week we delivered another 16 foot Bliss Mobil unit on a beautiful Mercedes Benz Arocs 4×4 1835 of the MP5 Generation.

Update Abenteuer Allrad

Due to the current weather conditions with very strong wind, the Abenteuer Allrad expo will remain closed today. We regret this, but the safety of our visitors and employees is our top priority.

We shipped a 13 foot Bliss Mobil to Beijing

We are proud to announce that we shipped another 13 foot Bliss Mobil Unit to Beijing, China this week!

Another overland vehicle of Bliss Mobil hits the road

We proudly announce the delivery of a 20 foot Bliss Mobil on a Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3353 6×6 of the MP5 generation, modified by Hellgeth Engineering. This 530hp strong truck will carry the 20 foot Low Bed.

Thank you for visiting us at Overland Expo West 2021

Thank you to all that joined us at Overland Expo West 2021 at the Bliss Mobil booth in the central plaza last weekend!

Everything to discover the world

Bliss Mobil will be present at the Suisse Caravan Salon ! The exhibition will take place from the 28th of October till November 1st 2021. To make you feel safe during the show the proven hygiene and infection control concept developed by the organisation of the Suisse Caravan Salon will be deployed – keeping us safe together.

Bliss Mobil present at the Overland Expo West

Bliss Mobil is proud to be present at the Overland Expo West. We will be in Flagstaff, Arizona from September 24th -26th.

Abenteuer & Allrad 2021 in Bad Kissingen

Last year the Abenteuer & Allrad in Bad Kissingen was unfortunately cancelled. The event with more than 350 exhibitors from all over the world will take place from 21. to 24.10.2021 in Bad Kissingen.

Thank you for your visit at the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf

We can already look back to a very successful Caravan Salon 2021 and the last exhibition weekend is still ahead of us!

Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2021

Bliss Mobil will be present at the Caravan salon Düsseldorf 2021! The exhibition will take place from the 28th of august till 5th of September 2021. To make you feel safe during the show the proven hygiene and infection control concept developed by the organisation of the Messe Düsseldorf will be deployed – keeping us safe together.

Adventure Southside 2021

We look forward to seeing you this weekend at the Adventure Southside Show . The event will take place from August 20th till August 22nd in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Four units leave Bliss Mobil at the same time

The overland community in China is growing with three 13 foot High Bed Family units and one 11 foot High Bed unit! Our team has done a fantastic job and we are very proud of their achievements.

Awesome photos from our Iceland expedition

We are in the midst of our Iceland Rental Expedition and would like to share these awesome photos with you.

20 foot unit on Mercedes-Benz Arocs 6×6

We proudly announce the delivery of a 20 foot Bliss Mobil on a Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3345 6×6 of the MP5 generation. This 450hp strong truck and its 6×6 axle configuration is a perfect fit for the 20 foot Bliss Mobil flagship unit.

15 foot unit – standard on MB Arocs 2053A 4×4

This week’s delivery is a beautiful 15 foot unit on a new generation Mercedes-Benz Arocs 5 2052A 4×4! The Bliss Mobil team congratulates the proud owner of the grey metallic painted Bliss Mobil Expedition vehicle. Our customer has chosen a 15 foot unit – Standard which will become their new travelling home.

13 foot Bliss Mobil Office on a Unimog U4023

It is not without pride that we announce the delivery of a 13-foot Bliss Mobil Unit on one of the most popular vehicles: the Mercedes-Benz Unimog U4023. This Bliss expedition vehicle will be used mainly for business purposes – a mobile office on an off-road vehicle – the perfect solution to combine pleasure and work.

Busy times at Bliss Mobil

Bliss Mobil employees are busy and the long-awaited vacation season is just around the corner. These are hectic times in our workshop and our technicians are working diligently. Our team is highly committed to get the Bliss Mobil expedition vehicles delivered to our new customers according to schedule.

Troubles in Africa – Thanks to Bliss Mobil with a happy end!

A trip through Africa must be well prepared. Travelling through Africa is not only about enjoying the beautiful nature and the “Big Five”. The true danger is called “the big sixth” and it is lurking in crowded areas. These are the overloaded, commercial trucks on the poorly maintained roads and, unfortunately enough, this story is about these trucks.

Save the date or meet us “in house”

We are slowly going back to normal, travelling across borders is allowed in a lot of areas and airlines are starting up their flight schedules again.

Delivery 13 foot on an Iveco Daily 4×4

For the second time this year, we delivered a Bliss Mobil unit on an Iveco 4×4 chassis. This time we are honored to announce the delivery of a beautifully equipped 13 foot Bliss Mobil unit on an Iveco Daily 4×4!

RO/RO shipping of a Bliss Mobil to the United States.

Hereby we present another special delivery to the United States! A beautiful and fully equipped 13 foot Bliss Mobil Unit with a High-Bed Type 4 layout on a Unimog U2540 – shipped via RO/RO to the USA.

20 foot Bliss Mobil on MAN TGS 18.540 4×4

We proudly announce the delivery of a 20 foot Bliss Mobil on an exceptional overland vehicle; the MAN TGS 18.540 4×4.

15 foot Bliss Mobil – Iveco Eurocargo 4×4

With due pride we can announce that we married a Bliss Mobil unit with an Iveco Eurocargo 4×4 for the first time.

18 foot Bliss Mobil – The ultimate Land Yachting

With due pride we can announce the delivery of a beautiful 18 foot Bliss Mobil unit on a brand new MAN TGM 18.320 4×4 of the TG3 generation.

Endless trail expeditions in the USA

Making dreams come true is one of our driving factors, and we are very happy to share with you the the amazing trip of our customers from California-USA, showing “their home away from home”

Rental Expeditions in Iceland and Morocco in 2021

Now that summer is upon us and vaccination programs have begun worldwide, we are (more than) ready to go! Limited places are available and we herewith like to inform you about the Bliss Mobil Rental Expeditions organised by Overland Travel in 2021.

New customers in Switzerland welcomed their Bliss Mobil

With pride we can announce the delivery of yet another 18 foot Bliss Mobil unit on a brand new MAN TGM 18.320 4×4. This amazing expedition vehicle with impressive accessories has now arrived in Switzerland.

Living a Blissful Life

We love the Bliss Mobil Community! In this community of like-minded people are travelers/adventurers with varying travelling plans.

20 foot Bliss Mobil ready for outbound south

We proudly announce the delivery of a beautiful 20 foot Bliss Mobil on the capable MAN TGS 33.540 6×6. This metallic grey expedition truck will travel in the next few days to the most southern part of Europe, neighbouring beautiful Morocco. Here they will start with an off road training under the supervision of a Dakar veteran.

It’s all about storage – Outside

Being travellers ourselves we know that any and as much space outside has to be used for tools and parts, sports equipment and outdoor gear, but let’s start with the most essential storage for long ride expedition travelling which ensure the range of the truck.

It’s all about storage – Indoor

Leaving home for extended periods of time to destinations where shops are not always available, provides you with the challenge to optimise use of the available space.

We are just as excited as our customers!

For our enthusiastic customers from Germany, Auto-Treffpunkt Stamm GmbH, we had the honors to build an extremely capable Bliss Mobil expedition vehicle.

Bliss Mobil at the Beijing RV Show

From 18 to 21 March 2021, Bliss Mobil will attend the 21st China (Beijing) International RV & Camping Exhibition and the 27th China International RV & Camping Rally.

Shipping across the Atlantic Ocean

This 18 foot Bliss Mobil with a Standard interior layout will be placed on a Stewart & Stevenson M1088 FMTV 6×6 that has been modified and rebuilt by our customer himself.

Two more 13 foot Bliss Mobil units for Beijing, China

The growing overlanding community in China is growing with two more 13 foot Bliss Mobil expedition vehicles. Both units will be placed on the new generation MAN TGM 13.290 4×4 with a short wheelbase and thus form a compact yet comfortable combination – ideal for the Chinese regulations regarding vehicle lengths.

Another Bliss Mobil on the road

We are happy to announce that another beautiful MAN TGS 4×4 with an 18 foot Bliss Mobil unit is on the road.! The MAN is an 18 tons chassis with 480HP and a comfortable, extended cabin. The Bliss Mobil is equipped with the popular Standard layout.

15 foot Standard on new generation MB Arocs

Bliss Mobil is delighted to announce that we have delivered another beautiful 15 foot unit on a new generation Mercedes-Benz Arocs 1835A 4×4. Congratulations to the proud new owner on his Bliss Mobil Expedition vehicle, painted in light gray metallic.

18 foot Bliss Mobil for the United States

We proudly announce the delivery of a stunning 18 foot Bliss Mobil on the capable FMTV 1083 6×6. This moss grey expedition truck will be shipped overseas to explore all the beautiful nature that America has to offer.

16 foot Bliss Mobil – Scania overland truck

We have delivered this beautiful overland truck before the end of 2020 ! The 16 foot Bliss Mobil in with the Scania R450 4×4 is a first time combination and première at Bliss Mobil ! We can no other than conclude it has become a perfect match and this overland truck is made for a comfortable yet capable expeditions.

Delivery of a 13 foot Bliss Mobil to the United States

We proudly present a beautiful and full-options 13 foot Bliss Mobil with the Standard layout. This unit will be placed on a Unimog U1550 4×4 that has been shipped to the United States earlier in the process for modifications. The truck and unit can be built separately thanks to our unique concept!

New dates for our Morocco Rental Expeditions

Safety is above everything at Bliss Mobil and that is why we have decided to reschedule our 2021 Morocco Rental Expeditions.

Two Bliss Mobil expedition trucks for China

We are proud to announce that we have sent another two 13 foot Bliss Mobil units to Beijing, China this week! The beauty of our truck-independent way of building and the concept of standardisation allows us to produce and deliver globally, without having the truck “on site” during the build of the units.

The new generation motorbike carrier

The new generation Bliss Mobil motorbike carrier has shed weight and gained improvements!

Merry Christmas and a Blissful New Year

In this extraordinary year, which held many challenges for all of us, we would like to thank you very much for your ongoing support and cooperation.

Delivery of a 16 foot Bliss Mobil unit on MB Zetros 4*4

A special project has been completed this week and we are proud to share with you the delivery of a 16 foot Bliss Mobil unit with a Mercedes-Benz Zetros 4×4. Bliss Mobil took responsibility for the complete project, including the project management of the purchase and configurations of the truck.

Busy delivery times at Bliss Mobil

Towards the end of the year we are still focussed and proud to deliver three more units this week! Two 11 foot units are ready for their first trip – an overseas delivery to Beijing in China. Both units will be married with a Unimog U4023 after their arrival at our dealer Felix Li.

Development and production under one roof

We are engineers by heart and ensure you a high-quality product. From the start it has been our goal to develop a quality product whose manufacturing process is based on a proven concept and which is transparent and standardized.

Have a look inside the 11 foot Lifting Top

After the delivery of the 11 foot Lifting Top in July 2019, we now heartily welcome you for a virtual tour throughout this compact yet very complete expedition unit.

16 foot Bliss Mobil

In 2020 we have introduced the 16 foot Bliss Mobil and this new model made a flying start! Just shortly after the introduction we received orders for the first three builds before the end of this year.

Bliss in the press

We are delighted to see that Bliss Mobil products are reviewed on a regular basis by journalists and vlog/blog authors worldwide.

Delivery Bliss Mobil 18 foot on MAN TGS 6×6

We proudly announce that we delivered an 18 foot Bliss Mobil unit on a beautiful MAN TGS 26.500 6×6 today! The combination which has been delivered today is a double cabin which can seat six persons.

The distinctive feature of a well designed subframe

The importance of the subframe is often underestimated. While driving in off road conditions the subframe will not only define the off-road drivability of the truck but even more importantly, the subframe will protect the unit and the truck against torsion forces.

Delivery of 13 Foot High Bed Type 1 to South Africa

A great 13 foot High Bed Type 1 is leaving our workshop today, for a delivery overseas to our customer in South Africa. The unit will be mounted on a Mercedes-Benz Unimog U4000.

Bliss Mobil at the Suisse Caravan Salon 2020

With a successful Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf still fresh in mind, we look forward to attending the Suisse Caravan Salon 22-25 October.

USA Delivery – 20 foot on Mercedes-Benz firetruck

We are happy to have delivered a really nice 20 foot Standard with Quad Garage built on a Mercedes-Benz 2535 4×4 Double Cabin for a customer in the United States.

Opening new office of Bliss Mobil dealer in China

We want to congratulate Felix Li and his team with the opening of a brand new showroom in Beijing! Expansion and successful growth of the Bliss Mobil business over the last years, lay at the basis to move into a 450 m2 representative showroom and workshop.

Caravan Salon 2020: We say thank you!

The Caravan Salon 2020 closed its doors last Sunday and we are happy about a completely successful fair! After cancellation of several shows both in Europe and USA, we were excited to be present in Dusseldorf for the first show in 2020. During 10 days we were grateful to experience the enthusiasm of visitors with travelling plans in Freedom of Independence. We are eager to realise this dream with you into a great Bliss Mobil expedition vehicle.

Experience Freedom

It has become a slogan at the Caravan Salon Dusseldorf 2020 and due the restrictions of Covid-19 we all feel that, whether you are a traveller by heart or not, everybody is eager to leave home.

Two 13 foot units delivered and shipped overseas to China

We are proud to announce that we have sent two 13 foot Bliss Mobil units to Beijing, China last week! The beauty of our self contained units and the concept of standardisation allows us to produce and deliver globally, without having the truck “on site” during the build of the units.

Bliss Mobil awarded Unimog Partnership by Mercedes Benz

Bliss Mobil has been awarded official partnership level “Unimog Partner” by Mercedes Benz. This Partnership is a result of a close cooperation between Daimler AG and Bliss Mobil, and after meeting the highest requirements in terms of quality, sales, service and technology as specified by Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks for bodybuilders in the domain of individual body solutions.

Iceland expedition summer 2020

We joined the Iceland Summer Expedition 2020 from July 30 to August 15, crossing the beautiful country of Iceland with five Bliss Mobil expedition vehicles.

Loxone: Smart Home System

The Loxone application found in the Garmin Overlander navigation tablet is what completes the Bliss Mobil unit.

Bliss Mobil at the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon 2020

We are thrilled to announce that we will have the opportunity to meet you at the first exhibition of the year.

Delivery of a 15 foot standard on a Steyr 13S26 4×4

We are delighted as we delivered another beautiful 15 foot standard unit mounted on a Steyr 13S26 4×4.

Delivery of 20 foot Bliss Mobil on a Zetros 6×6

We are happy to announce that we have had a beautiful 20 foot and Zetros delivery today!

Travelling in times of Corona

Due to Covid-19, travelling has become a challenge but not impossible!

Delivery 15 Foot on MAN TGM 4×4

This week we had the delivery of a beautiful 15 foot Bliss Mobil on the popular MAN TGM 4×4. Read all about this new expedition truck in this article!

Technical Tuesday – Garmin Overlander

Every new Bliss Mobil is equipped with the Garmin Overlander navigation system. This tough device is so much more than just another navigation system. The dustproof and rugged casing has an IP5X dust rating providing a high level of durability. 

11 foot Bliss Mobil Lifting Top ready for delivery

Last week we announced the final construction phase of the 11 foot Lifting top and today we are happy to present you the finished result!

Work in progress: new developments at Bliss Mobil

Due to the successes of our standardised Bliss Mobil units, we developed two new models! We present to you the redesigned 11 foot Lifting Top and the all new 16 foot.

Delivery 13 foot on Iveco Daily

We proudly announce that we delivered a 13 Bliss Mobil foot unit on an Iveco Daily 4×4 today!

Rental Expedition – Morocco spring 2021

We are happy to inform you of the new and upcoming Rental Expeditions in Morocco, scheduled for March – April 2021.

Trade shows calendar

We are very excited that we are able to attend the European shows and expos after the summer.

Rental Expedition – Iceland summer 2020

Bliss Mobil and Overland Travel have organized successful expeditions to North- and South Africa and Scandinavia before. We have once again combined our knowledge, experience and specialism to introduce a unique and self-drive expedition to Iceland.

Back to business with the new normal

It goes without saying that we sincerely hope that all of you are safe and sound in these weird and hectic times. We think it is time to catch up again and share future plans after a period of lockdown and restrictions.

Proven quarantine shelter during Covid-19 outbreak

We were in Morocco during the Covid-19 outbreak and it sure was exciting!

Bliss Mobil – Covid-19

We want to share our compassion with all of you who have been affected, directly or indirectly, by Covid-19. Here at Bliss Mobil we have taken all necessary precautions to keep our staff and clients safe. Our team remains fully contactable and the build of the Bliss Mobil units still continues, within the given restrictions…

Another 15 foot Bliss Mobil on the road

We are happy to announce the delivery of a beautiful MAN TGM 13.290 with 15 foot Standard Bliss Mobil unit to our customers from the Northern Part of Germany.

Delivery of 11 foot High Bed unit to South Africa

Delivery of an 11-foot High Bed unit to South Africa for a Unimog U5000 Double cabin. We shipped this 11-foot unit in a 40-foot High Cube shipping container to South Africa last week. With our self-containing body, the all-in-one-box functionality allowed us to build the unit without the need of the truck to be here.

3 slots left , Bliss Mobil Morocco Expeditions with Overland Travel

Make your dreams come true and join us during the Bliss Mobil Rental Expedition in Morocco scheduled for March & April 2020.

Delivery of a 13 Foot High Bed to China

This 13’ Foot unit has left our factory without a chassis, once more showing the uniqueness of our concept – the self containing body, the all-in-one-box functionality and no need to have the vehicle on site.

Merry Christmas and a Blissful 2020

The year 2019 nearly behind us, a new year ahead. On behalf of the Bliss Mobil Team we thank you for your trust, cooperation and friendship in 2019. We are looking back at a successful and great year.

Bliss Mobil at the CMT 2020 in Stuttgart.

Bliss Mobil happily invites you to the CMT – The Holiday Exhibition 2020 in Stuttgart from 11th till 19th of January 2020. We are ready to make your dream of adventure travelling come true by offering a truck independent solution.

Bliss Mobil awarded with a golden X-act seal of quality

We are proud to announce that Bliss has been awarded a golden X-act seal of quality which is given out by EXPLORER.

20 foot Bliss Mobil body on Dakar Rally Support Truck

This week our customer received his new Bliss Mobil. It is a 20’ Foot Bliss Mobil on a MAN TGS 26.500 6×6 BB Doka by Toni Maurer. This Bliss Mobil is a true eye catcher in combination with this special MAN TGS.

Bliss Mobil at Leipzig Touristik & Caravaning 2019

We look forward to see you at this year’s Touristik and Caravaning Show 2019 in Leipzig. The event will take place from November 20st till November 24th 2019 in Leipzig, Germany.

8th-10th November Southern Highlands Outdoor Recreation & Adventure Show Australia

Bliss Mobil Australia will be present at the Southern Highlands Outdoor Recreation & Adventure Show which is the region’s largest and most successful event of its kind.

Another happy customer in Switzerland welcomed his Bliss Mobil.

In this special project we had a great cooperation with Larag (www.larag.com). This Swiss company is specialized in tuning and customizing Mercedes -Benz trucks. For our customers, they did the complete overhaul of a Zetros 6×6, additionally a hydraulic quad bike garage at the back of the unit, well stored in a box.

Realizing dreams once more in the 2020 Morocco Expedition

Bliss Mobil Customers and Overland Travel were on their way in yet another great Morocco Expedition. During this expedition, they drove over a pass of the Atlas Mountains and onwards into the dunes, passing nomad villages, gravel roads and oases.

13 foot High Bed in Mongolia

It are rainy and dark days in the Netherlands, but we gave our customer from Mongolia one of the best days in his life by delivering his 13 foot High Bed Bliss Mobil last week.

Suisse Caravan Salon 2019 in Bern from 24 – 28 October

Bliss Mobil will be attending the Suisse Caravan Salon in Switzerland on 24-28 october.

Bliss Mobil Australia At The Sunshine Coast Expo from 27 – 29 September 2019

Bliss will be present at the Sunshine Coast Home Show and Caravan, Camping & Boating 2019 Expo which is the region’s largest and most successful event of its kind.

Overland Expo East 2019 October 11-13

We are looking forward meeting you at the Overland Expo East in Arrington, Virginia in the United States from 11-13 October.

The Caravan Salon 2019 in Düsseldorf 31 aug – 8 sep

We are proud to present you with the introduction and preview of our aluminum framed 13’ Foot unit, which will be available from next year for all our small size (11-13-15 ft) models.

Bliss Mobil at the Caravan Salon 2019 in Düsseldorf 31 august till 8 september

We are proud to present you with the introduction and preview of our aluminum framed 13’ Foot unit, which will be available from next year for all our small size (11-13-15 ft) models.

North Cape Expedition, the after movie is here!

We already gave you a taste of this cool expedition by sharing several breathtaking pictures and a teaser video. Now we would like to share with you the real deal, the North Cape Expedition after movie! Watch several Bliss Mobil customers on their winter expedition through Sweden, Norway, and Finland. They were Blissed to experience…

Bliss Mobil at Adventure Southside, 12-14 July

Bliss Mobil will be attending the Adventure Southside in Eigeltingen/Bodensee from 12 to 14 July.

Bliss Mobil at Abenteur & Allrad with 6 vehicles , June 20th -23rd

We are excited to be part of the Abenteuer & Allrad expo once again this year. Just like previous years we will be well represented by displaying all our different sizes, from 11’ Foot to 20’ Foot Bliss Mobil expedition vehicles on the expo.

Bliss Mobil at the Overland Expo West 2019 May 17-19

Bliss Mobil is looking forward meeting you at  Overland Expo West 2019, at booth E4F3EE. At the expo we will be exhibiting our 15′ Foot standard unit installed on a Acela Monterra 4×4 truck. Come and see the Bliss Mobil Concept to realize your expedition dreams of travelling the world in Bliss Style. Bliss Mobil…

Shipping 13 Ft Bliss to China

We were happy to welcome new customers from China once again. After visiting our factory in Holland, they immediately fell in love with our 13ft High bed type 4. The bathroom and toilet are combined and situated in the back of the unit in this model 13ft High Bed. The engineering and the manufacturing of…

The Bliss Expedition successfully reached North Cape

Mission Accomplished The North Cape, the most Northern point in Europe, was reached after a two week expedition. Getting there was far from easy and not for the faint hearted. Heavy snowfall, icy roads and deep snow road shoulders, requested extreme off road driving skills. It had been a great experience to have the ice…

Bliss Mobil North Cape Expedition – Day 4

The Bliss Mobil North Cape Expedition has already reached day four. We have set up our camp at Svansele, Sweden.

Delivery 15 foot Bliss Mobil on a Mercedes-Benz 1224 4×4

After an intensive 3-year survey all over the world, our customers from the USA finally made his choice for Bliss Mobil. Upon seeing our professional engineering, spacious couch area and impressive finishing on the inside and outside of each unit they made the convinced choice for a 15 foot Bliss Mobil unit. Our customers will now join…

Bliss Mobil North Cape Expedition Through Norway, Sweden and Finland

After the successful “Big Five” Expedition in Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe Bliss Mobil is now preparing for a goose bumps-packet North Cape Winter expedition through Sweden, Norway and Finland. Together with a group of proud  Bliss Mobil owners we go on a 3,800-kilometre long polar adventure through winter wonderland. Exploring with the Bliss Mobil Community…

Bliss Mobil Trade Shows Calendar

Bliss Mobil will be attending several trade shows in the USA and in Europe this year and begin 2020. Please note that we will separately announce which vehicles will be displayed at each trade show. More trade shows might follow later in this year, so keep following us to find out if we will visit…

Mobile Surgical Units for Mission to Heal – part 1

Mission to Heal has dreamed of independently operating mobile surgical units. And that is where Bliss Mobil came into the picture. Mission to heal is there to help and make a change for those who have medical need and live in remote to nearly non-accessible area’s in the world. With our ability to build expedition…

The month of January has started at full speed

We started the new year well with the delivery of our 20ft unit on a MAN TGS 6×6 and one week later the 18ft unit on a MAN TGM 18.330 After the delivery of these two units our team at Bliss Mobil is now focused on the production of the next units. One 13ft and…

Delivery 18 foot Bliss Mobil on a MAN TGM 18.330

With pride we can announce the delivery of yet another 18ft Bliss Mobil unit on a MAN TGM 18.330. This amazing expedition vehicle with impressive accessories will now head back to its owner in South-Africa. It was a pleasure to combine the interior layouts we have for the different standard models for this SA family of 2…

Delivery 20 foot Bliss Mobil on a MAN TGS 6×6

The year 2019 couldn’t start in a better way! In the second week of January we proudly delivered a 20ft standard unit on a MAN TGS, 33.460, 6×6. The owner will now take it back to his home country Spain where he will start discovering the many magical mountain off-road escapes.   Love at first…

Bliss Mobil mentioned on awesomestuff365

Bliss Mobil was mentioned on the website of awesomestuff365.com. We would like to thank them for writing about us. You can read the article here

Bliss Mobil present at CMT fair, 12-20 January 2019

CMT is the most important event at the start of the year for the travel industry. We are looking forward to welcoming you at our stand to talk about what Bliss Mobil can mean for your ultimate off-road experience. You can find us in  Hall 1 booth G65 where we will present you our ‘15 foot…

Delivery 20 foot Standard on a MAN 26.480 6×6

Our latest delivery of a 20ft standard unit on MAN 26.480 6×6 to its new owner is a few days ago. We are happy to be able to show this to-go-anywhere expedition vehicle at the TC-Leipzig exhibition, before it disappears into the deep, snow-covered forests of Sweden amid the whine of sled dogs. When we met…

Bliss Mobil relocate to new facility

Over the past six years Bliss Mobil has been successful and has solidly established itself in the expedition vehicles market. We are delighted and proud to say that our customer base is ever growing and we have, literally, expanded out of our current facility. So Bliss Mobil is going to relocate! To be able to facilitate…

Delivery of 13 foot Standard unit on a MAN 8163

We were happy to use the 13’ft Bliss Mobil unit on the MAN 8163 as our demo vehicle for several years. When Sophie and Nicolas showed their interest, we did the overhaul the Bliss Mobil unit to latest standard, to make this compact expedition vehicle ready for their dream travels Their testimonial  When we discovered Bliss…

Delivery of 15 foot Standard on a Zetros 1833 4×4

We are happy to announce the delivery of a 15ft Bliss Mobil unit on a Mercedes Benz Zetros 1833 4×4 , which is not only a super strong expedition vehicle but a beauty in itself. The 15’ft unit is full functional, in addition with the accessories like the outdoor kitchen, the motorbike carrier with spare tyre, the washing…

Bliss Mobil and 4-xtremes partner up for an eleven months’ journey of superlatives

Trying to overcome the four most extreme places in the world with a 4-wheel drive expedition vehicle, in an uninterrupted journey of 11 months through 22 countries and a total of 45.000 kilometers long. It took Andrea (30) and Mike Kammermann (32) from Switzerland 5 years to plan this challenging journey, which takes them to…

Bliss Mobil at caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2018

We look forward to see you at this year’s Caravan Salon Düsseldorf. The event will take place from August 24th till September 2nd 2018 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Bliss Mobil will be present at the expo with a MAN – 18 ft Standard Modell, which will show you the features and qualitive built of Bliss Mobil. You can…

Bliss at Abenteur & Allrad May 31st to June 3rd

Bliss Mobil will of course be present at this year’s Abenteuer & Allrad – world’s largest cross-country-expo in Bad Kissingen, Germany  from May 31st  to June 3rd. We will bring no more than 6 different trucks and units! The 11 foot Lifting Top, 13 foot Standard, 15 foot Standard, 15 foot High Bed type 2 (German Design…

Bliss Mobil at Overland Expo West May 18-20

Bliss Mobil is proud to be present at the Overland Expo West. We will be in Flagstaff, Arizona from May 18 untill May 20. Bliss Mobil will show two  trucks with their unique Bliss units at the Overland Expo, booth P42. Come visit us in Flagstaff and take a look at and in an Unimog U1300L with…

Travelling in the extreme cold

Travelling in the extreme cold Sharing the experience of one of our Swiss customers. In January Beat and Cathérine  travelled up to the north, to enjoy the extreme cold, the bright skies and the Northern Lights. Their journey brought them through Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway, with the final destination the North Cape and then back home again,…

Delivery 13 foot Bliss Mobil on a Unimog U4000, mobile office for Africa

When Fred en Ineke saw a 13’ft Bliss Mobil on a Unimog for the first time, they directly fell in love. Unfortunately, they did not have the opportunity to own one for themselves. Now, 4 years later their dream came true, A 13’ft highbed on a Unimog U4000 is the result. A perfect combination which is ready to go off-road…

Bliss Customers Rally Morocco

All ingredients were there: 7 fully equipped Bliss trucks; two Unimog’s with 13 ft, one MAN TGM with 15 ft , one MAN TGS with 20 ft and three MB  Zetros 6×6 with 20 ft. All driven by highly motivated customers who would like to experience not only the off-road, but who would also like…

Delivery 15 foot Bliss Mobil with rainwater collector on a MAN TGM 13.290

A 15 foot High Bed type 2 unit on a MAN TGM 13.290 is the latest Bliss Mobil delivery. The unit has a rainwater collector and water maker – ensuring access to clean, fresh drinking water. Life necessity Water is a life necessity. Therefore, when traveling through remote areas the availability of safe drinking water…

Bliss at Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2017

We look forward to see you at this year’s Caravan Salon Düsseldorf. The event will take place from August 26 till September 3th 2017 in Düsseldorf, Germany. As every year Bliss Mobil will be present at the expo with several units. Details will be published just before the exhibition. You can find us in Hall…

Bliss nominated for German Design Award 2018

Bliss Mobil received two nominations for the prestigious German Design Award 2018! Nominated are the Bliss Mobil 15 foot High Bed unit and our outdoor kitchen. We at Bliss Mobil feel very honored to be selected for this leading design award. Design Innovation The German Design award is a recognition for companies generating an added brand…

Bliss wins Best Product Award in Beijing

Bliss Mobil is honored to have won the Best Product Award at the All in Caravaning in Beijing. It was the 6th edition of All in Caravaning, held this year from June 23th till June 25th. The All in Caravaning is a fast growing expo. This year the expo covered 33.000 m2, with 650 exhibitors and…

Introducing the 15 foot Middle Couch

Bliss Mobil has added a new 15 foot model to its collection: the 15’ Middle Couch unit.  This unit has the kitchen and the wet units in front, the couch in the middle and a double bed at the back. The set up gives a more open impression and provides an even easier access to…

Delivery 15 foot High Bed on a Steyr Doka – perfect for family

Bliss Mobil just delivered an even more unique unit: a 15’ High Bed customized for a family with small children. You can’t start your adventure too young. Bliss makes it happen. Adventurous safe & secure Being adventurous doesn’t have to stop when you have a family with small kids. Building robust and self-sufficient units Bliss…

Bliss at All in Caravaning Beijing

Bliss Mobil will be present at the All in Caravaning Expo in Beijing from 23 till 25 June. We will be at the expo with a MAN truck with 13 foot unit and an Unimog 5000 with an 11 foot High Bed unit. Bliss will be presented by our valued dealer BRIX (Beijing) Machinery Co., Ltd. – Bliss…

Bliss on tour – USA

Bliss Mobil successfully finished an amazing road trip through the USA. Bliss Mobil drove over 2000 miles – almost colliding with some tornados – crossing South Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas, Kansas and Colorado. Destination: Denver. Heartwarming Our Unimog U1300 L with 11 foot Lifting Top unit was enthusiastically received everywhere we came. From Colombia to Memphis…

Delivery 18 foot Long Bed Bliss Mobil on a MAN

A MAN truck with Bliss’ 18 foot Long bed unit has been delivered to its two delighted new owners. “This Bliss is my second home”. Thought-through The love for road trips and being able to go anywhere combined with a need for safety and security brought the clients to Bliss. “The Bliss Mobil unit is…

Thank you for visiting Bliss at Overland Expo 2017!

We want to thank all of our visitors who took the time to come visit us at the Overland Expo in Flagstaff, Arizona, USA. Overwhelming The first time present with a truck and unit at the famous Overland Expo West, the response was overwhelming! The unique Bliss concept was enthusiastically received by everybody who came…

Bliss Mobil present at Unimog Tour 2017

Mercedes Benz-Worth is proud to invite you for their Unimog Tour 2017 in Germany. Bliss Mobil will be present with a 13 foot High Bed unit on a Unimog 5023 on several dates. Come see the perfect combination of Unimog and Bliss Mobil! Information meets entertainment The Unimog Tour is where information meets entertainment. Exciting…

Bliss Mobil at Salon du Véhicule d’Adventure

Mercedes Benz Unimog will present our 13 foot unit on a Unimog 5023 at next week’s Salon du Véhicule d’Adventure in Grissauland, France. Want to take a look in our Bliss Mobil’s 13 foot High Bed unit during the Salon? You can do so on appointment at Saturday afternoon April 29 or Sunday April 30.…

Bliss in US news

US media have found Bliss Mobil. Several websites have written articles the last few months featuring Bliss Mobil. Want to know what they thought about Bliss? Please find the links to the articles below. Blessthisstuff ‘Blessthisstuff – Stuff we drool about’ writes about the latest, coolest stuff. Bless focuses on the uniformed and thus affordable…

2017 Bliss Mobil Work in Progress

We have started the New Year full of energy and ambitions. Actually we are working on the construction of several new units, which are planned to be delivered in the next months, and prepared for other new constructions in the first half year. Would you be interested in the built of your unit, please contact [email protected]

11 foot Lifting Top with storage box

11ft lifting top with storage box will be ready for testing and evaluation this week. The storage box is perfect for storing extra items and also fits a bycicle. Now our most compact model also comes with the neccessary storage space to make your travel even more enjoyable. Outer dimensions: (D x H x L)…

Delivery of 13 Foot High Bed on Unimog U4000

This 13 foot High Bed with the latest optional features such as complete kitchen set, new drawers system in the rear, washing machine functionally tucked away in another storage compartment, paired with a Unimog U4000 with roof rack it a perfect combination of comfort, style and automotive excellence. [modula id=”4273″]

Global coverage 2016

2016 has been a busy and succesful year for Bliss Mobil; orders, deliveries, events and lots or moving and shaking. Last year alone we delivered units to 7 different countries world wide. North America, Australia, China to name a few. We expect to broaden our horizons even more in 2017.

New CNC milling machine

To keep up with the growing demands and quality standards we have recently installed a second CNC milling maching in our factory in Breda. This new machine is up to the current high standards and uses the latest technology. We are now able to upload files directly from a 3D design ensuring the finished product…

Delivery 11 foot Bliss Mobil to Australia

Our office in Australia has received their second unit. The container left our factory at the end of October and hit Australian soil a few days ago. After a short customs inspection it got the all clear and was released to our Australian office. Can’t wait to see this 11ft High Bed on the Unimog…

NEW: Complete kitchen sets and bed linnen

We are adding even more comfort and luxury to your travels with these new accessories. Kitchen sets, 4 person set for the 11, 13 and 15 foot units and 6 person set for the 18 and 20 foot units. Complete with dishes, glasses, cutlery and pans. You will have everything you need to make a…

18 Foot Bliss Mobil on MAN TGM 13.290 with Arctic Package

Today a customer takes delivery of an 18 foot unit on MAN TGM 13.290. This particular unit comes with the Arctic Package, a complete 6 person kitchen set and a 2 person bed linnen set, top quality, luxury and comfort. The unit and truck have been modified to function in extreme sub zero temperatures, enabeling…

Bliss Mobil in Russian

Next to Chinese, Bliss Mobil now also offers a unit with Russian text. The connection box and override panel have been translated making it even more accomodating to the wishes of our Russian customers. [modula id=”4106″]

A succesful Suisse Caravan Salon for Bliss Mobil

The Suisse Caravan Salon has come to an end. And we have thoroughly enjoyed being there. We have met new enthusiastic people and are always happy to see old friends. We would like to thank everybody who came to the stand and if you filled in the Customer Contact form, be assure you will be…

New 13 foot high bed type 1

This new variation of the 13 foot high bed type 1 comes with a few new features. In stead of having 2 full length cabinets at either side of the unit, you can now choose drawers giving you more storage space and utilizing the full depth of the space. It also comes with the new…

Bliss Mobil at the RA China Auto Salon

Bliss Mobil is attending the RA China Auto Salon in Shanghai. Stand H2-1D1 from 21 – 23 October 2016. Visit the website for more details. [modula id=”4065″]

11ft Bliss Mobil spotted in New Mexico

11ft Bliss Mobil spotted in New Mexico during the first New Mexico G Treffen.

Bliss Mobil in Siberia

In August 2016 two Bliss Mobil units, 13ft on Unimog 5023 and 15ft on MAN TGM 13.290, went on an expedition in the Urals Mountains. After a 5,400 Km trip to the starting point, we reached the town in the south east of the Ural Mountains. Along the way we cross the border of Europe…

11ft High Bed on Unimog U4000 in the Gobi Desert

China reseller BRIX (Beijing) Machinery Co.,Ltd, is attending one of the worlds largest annual outdoor trade fairs on the Alashan Plateau in the Gobi Desert. During this event, held from 1 through 7 October, approx 50.000 off-road cars and trucks come together for shows, festivities, races, trades and competitions. Our demo unit is there as…

Customer Event 2016 recap

In the weekend 23 – 24 September Bliss Mobil hosted their very first Customer Event at the Off-road Park Langenaltheim in Germany. It was a great success. The attendees and 12 trucks spent an entire weekend performing extreme off-road maneuvers under expert supervision. When not out testing their off-roading skills our customers could follow several…

Delivery 15 Foot Unit – Canadian Comfort

Bliss proves it is possible to combine the old school basics with modern engineering high end technology with this 15ft unit on a 24 year old mercedes Truck, scheduled to ship to Canada mid October. We embarked on an amazing journey when our customer asked us to find a truck, older than 15 year due…

Suisse Caravan Salon 2016 – Bern – 27 – 31 October

Bliss Mobil BV will be attending the Suisse Caravan Salon 2016 in Bern from 27 through 31 October. You can visit our stand G7 029. We have entrance tickets available upon request and comfirmed appointment, please contact us via email to make an appointment with one of our representatives.

New 3D tours available

New 3D video’s available online of 2 new 20 foot models and a 15 foot model. Please check the 3D tab on the relevant product page to take a closer look at the new features Bliss Mobil has to offer.

Delivery 11 Foot unit to Australia

On top of our second shipment to China, we have now shipped another unit to Australia. This 11 foot unit will be combined with an army green Unimog. We can’t wait to see the end result!

Second 11 Foot unit shipped to China

Our reseller in China, Brix Machinery, is receiving their second unit. An 11 foot unit which will be mounted on a Unimog 4000. Scheduled to attend a 4x4 rally event in the Gobi Desert, October this year.

Vacation anytime and anywhere.

Check out the album on our Facebook page of the travels of two Bliss Mobil’s in Australia and Canada.

Caravan Salon Düsseldorf- 27.08 – 04.09 2016

This year we will be attending the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf. Hall/Stand 14A65. Please come and see us to see and talk about our product and our latest ventures and innovations. If you would like to make an appointment please email [email protected] and we will set up and appointment and arrange vouchers

New! The 11 foot Lifting Top

A premiere for Bliss Mobil as we presented an expedition unit for the “Light Class” of the four-wheel chassis. With an 11ft body Lifting Top, it fits perfectly on Iveco Daily 4×4, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 6×6, Fuso Canter and other similar chassis. Bliss Mobil has herewith positioned herself in the market for vehicles up to a total weight of 7,5ton.

Delivery of a 20 foot unit on a Mercedes-Benz Zetros 6×6 bound for Germany

One of our most complete units as of yet. This 20 foot unit on a Mercedes-Benz Zetros 6×6 is headed towards Germany.

Delivery of 20 foot Bliss Mobil on Mercedes-Benz Zetros, shipped to the United Arabian Emirates

Our second 20ft on Zetros this month, shipped to the UAE. With additional features such as the outdoor kitchen and folding bed above the couch.

Delivery 13 foot on Unimog U500 4×4

In May we shipped a 13 foot unit on Unimog U500 4×4 to customers in Catalonia Spain. Transported by truck for an easy and safe delivery.

Back from Bad Kissingen

The Abenteuer & Allrad event has come and gone. We attended with 5 vehicles on the stand and one on the proofing ground. We are overwhelmed by the amount of visitors and the great responses we have received during the event. We realised important developments last year which could be seen in all the models.…

Abenteuer & Allrad 2016 (26 – 29 May)

From 26.05 till 29.05 the 19th ABENTEUER & ALLRAD Off-Road and Outdoor fair will be held in Bad Kissingen (Germany). We will have multiple vehicles and our latest developments on display as well as a vehicle driving on the proving grounds. Make sure to visit us at stand M08 if you are attending. Please visit their website…

Bliss gone walkabout!

Bliss is introducing the Freedom of Independence to Australia, a continent known for its beautiful scenes and challenging terrains, perfect for touring and pushing the limits in a Bliss Mobil.
This week we shipped a model which has been fully equipped and adapted for the Australian market with features such as AUS power sockets, unit built to accommodate left-side driving (e.g. entrance on the left).

Building in progress

Work in progress! We are busy building and delivering Expedition units to customers around the globe.

13 foot shipped to South Africa

We recently shipped a 13 foot Bliss Mobil body with high bed and alcove box to a customer in South Africa. The Bliss Mobil concept makes it possible to ship all 11, 13 and 15 foot models around the globe inside a shipping container.

Bliss Mobil Australia

We are proud that Bliss Mobil has become a recognised brand in the expedition market. In September 2015 we started our Australian division to ensure 24 hour direct support and with the goal of local sales and production in 2016. Furthermore, we are currently investigating local service and sales points in Northern America and China.

Great day outdoor

In september we had a great day driving a few of our demo vehicles off-road and making some really nice pictures.