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We are delighted to see that Bliss Mobil products are reviewed on a regular basis by journalists and authors worldwide. On this page you will find an overview of these articles demonstrating some insightful information and pragmatic reviews of our concept and products.

Perhaps you, yourself, are interested in writing an article about Bliss Mobil? We would be more than happy to support you by supplying beautiful, high resolution quality pictures and the most eloquent text outlining our company profile.

24 Nov. 2022 - Trucker's World by MAN - Expedition Leben

Ein MAN TGM mit Bliss Mobil Wohnkoffer-Aufbau als Wohn- und Arbeitsraum? Ein Fahrzeug, das den meisten als Expeditionsmobil ein Begriff ist, dient Marcus Esser seit einigen Monaten als solches.

Feb. 2021 - Publication in the Lodka magazine

The history of the Dutch off-road motorhome manufacturer Bliss Mobil began with a passion for yachting. In 2005, the future founders of the company went on a round-the-world voyage on a sailing ship.

11 Dec. 2020 - Bliss Mobil heeft nu ook wooncontainer van 16 voet

Bliss Mobil uit Breda bouwt woonunits voor op vrachtwagens. Die zijn er in zes verschillende lengtes: van 11 tot 20 voet. Helemaal nieuw is de 5 meter Mobil unit, oftewel de 16 voets opbouw.

22 Oct. 2020 - Luckx - Immer weiter reisen!

Es gibt Menschen, die ihre Träume realisieren. So war und ist es auch mit dem Ehepaar Hoex. Zwei Holländer machten sich auf dem Weg, die Welt kennenzulernen. Zwei Jahre wurde die Welt umsegelt.

14 Aug. 2020 - Unimog Pop-Top Expedition Camper

Bliss Mobil builds camping modules for a variety of trucks, and the Dutch company just revealed it’s newest one. It’s an update to the company’s 11-foot offering with new tech…

20 Maart 2020 - Autoyas

The last refuge in the days of Corona: a truck
When we are required to be alone with ourselves, why not do it in style?

2020 - Reisemobil International- Galerie: Expeditions- und Weltreisemobile Bliss Mobil

Blissmobil from the Netherlands offers all-wheel-drive trucks with mobile homes of around three to seven meters in length…

2020 - Uncrate - Blissmobil expeditions

Exploring the far reaches of the world doesn’t have to mean roughing it. Bliss Mobil Expedition Vehicles offer luxurious appointments built atop some of the world’s most capable trucks…

2019 - 4 Xtremes

A journey to the Xtremes

13 Mar. 2019 - Eine Reise zu den vier extremsten Orten der Welt – Interview mit 4-xtremes.ch

Andrea und Mike hatten irgendwann eine fixe Idee. Wie wäre es, wenn man die extremsten Orte auf der Welt mit einer Linie verbindet und daraus eine Reise mit einem Offroad-LKW macht?

2019 - MB Special Vehicles Unimog

Exclusive comfort meets great off-roading capabilities – the Unimog U 5023 with a body from Bliss Mobil wowed our journalists in the latest test. The Unimog with Bliss Mobil body can tackle almost any challenge, despite carrying a small luxury apartment on its shoulders…

2019 - New Atlas

Bliss Mobil has created a beautiful compromise between roomy living and nimble off-road handling by planting a small pop-up motorhome bo

2019 - Bliss Or Die | #RVlife

Experiences from a Bliss Customer

2019 - Bless this stuff - Innovative container style all-in-one box

Bliss Mobil is a new concept for expedition vehicles, an innovative container-style all-in-one box, designed to fit all types of truck.

2019 - Galerie Expeditions- und Weltreisemobile

Allrad-Lkw mit Wohnkabinen von rund drei bis sieben Metern Länge bietet Bliss Mobil aus den Niederlanden an. Die Kabinen werden wie ein Container auf einem spannungsfreien Hilfsrahmen montiert…

9 Jan. 2019 - Weltenbummeln extrem

Nach fünf Jahren Vorbereitung haben sich Andrea und Mike Kammermann den Traum von der Weltreise im eigenen Expeditions-Lkw erfüllt. Den Jahreswechsel haben die Schweizer in der russischen Teilrepublik Jakutien verbracht.

2018 - Bliss Mobil | Go prepared..

GO PREPARED… That is an understatement to say the least about the Bliss Mobil Expedition Vehicle. They are built to withstand pretty much everything including raining actual cats and dogs.

2018 - Bliss Mobil | Bliss Mobil camper is the off road rig of your dreams

The Bliss Mobil is one of the most epic expedition overlanders that we have ever seen. If you’re looking for a monster camper with all of the van life essentials

2018 - Bliss Mobil | German Design Award outdoor kitchen

Foldable outdoor kitchen for expedition mobil with BBQ, induction stove, sink, workplate and drawers. Used materials are stainless steel, bamboo and Fenix. It can be folded up completely and stored in a box.

2017 - Bliss Mobil | Container-shaped housing units

Recently, five truck-independent models of the self-supporting container housing unit are introduced by the company. All the container home-on-wheels models fit all types of the truck with wheel bases ranging from 3250 mm up to 5400 mm, and with a range of load capacity from 2000 kg up to 4200 kg…

2017 - Bliss Mobil | Bliss Mobil's Campers are Perfect for Traveling to Remote Areas

To get affordable housing, many families transform shipping containers into cozy homes, and they can be used in the industrial sector as well. But this Holland-based firm Bliss Mobil has combined the approach with independent travelling to create a cozy motor home…

2017 - Bliss Mobil | Bliss Mobil’s Expedition Vehicles Are Luxury RVs For The Zombie Apocalypse

Bliss Mobil, a company based out of the Netherlands that specializes in providing adventurous consumers with incredibly strong and highly functional mobile homes, created a comfortable trailer that can go off the road with ease…

2017 - Bliss Mobil | Youtube: Mixflip

Unimogs are one of the coolest European offload vehicles on the planet. They are military grade quality and they are famous for their portal axles.
This bad ass Unimog RV caught my eye at the Overland Expo in Flagstaff Arizona…

2016 - Bliss Mobil | Expeditions Vehicle

Founded in 2012 in the Netherlands, Bliss Mobil BV builds the ultimate adventure mobiles for those individuals searching for the unexplored frontier of our planet’s backcountry. They range in size and shape but all serve under the umbrella…

2016 - Bliss Mobil | Manners

Bliss Mobil heeft onafhankelijk reizen geherdefinieerd door met een nieuw concept te komen voor expeditievoertuigen. Ze hebben de ongeëvenaarde functies en voordelen van het containerconcept aangehouden…

2016 - Bliss Mobil | Expedition Vehicles are Survival of the Finest

Doomsday preppers will be frothing at the mouth when they get a load of Bliss Mobil’s Expedition Vehicles. Bliss Mobil has taken the Winnebago/Camper premise and reinforced every aspect of the design to withstand almost any force thrown its way…

2016 - Bliss Mobil | Off-Road Explorer Canopy Home

If you are into living off the grid, or simply exploring in style, then the Bliss Mobil is definitely a ride that can satisfy those needs . It is an entirely unique concept for expedition vehicles that allows you to explore the world…

2015 - Bliss Mobil | Mercedes Zetros 6×6

If you are into living off the grid, or simply exploring in style, then the Bliss Mobil is definitely a ride that can satisfy those needs. It is an entirely unique concept for expedition vehicles that allows you to explore the world, even in the most rugged of terrain in style and comfort…

2014 - Bliss Mobil | Campers

Wij zagen de joekels van Bliss Mobil BV uit Breda voor het eerst op de afgelopen Caravan Salon. Niet te missen, zo hoog. Ze trokken behoorlijk aandacht, het was flink druk op de stand. Je komt ze ook zeker niet op elke straathoek tegen. Neem een blik op hun site en raak net als wij onder de indruk…

2014 - Bliss Mobil | Practical Motorhome reviews

Find out more about the Bliss Mobil with Practical Motorhome, as Andy Harris reviews this mega motorhome at the 2014 Caravan Salon Düsseldorf. What do you think…

2014 - Bliss Mobil | Cool Material

Bliss Mobil Expedition Vehicles are unlike any other expedition vehicles on the market. Rather than crafting their home away from home vehicles based on a particular vehicle platform, the Netherlands-based company…