11 foot unit

With a dry weight of just 1.600kg and a length of 3358mm, the 11 foot unit is suitable for any 4×4 truck with a minimum wheelbase of 3250mm. Depending on the truck, the overall weight will most likely end up below the 7.5 tons, making this a very compact, capable and nimble expedition vehicle for two. All 11 foot units come with an aluminium frame and 60mm composite walls with a PET core.

In contrary to our larger models, the standard 11 foot model comes with a “High Bed” interior which features a water capacity of 460 litres and has three solar panels with a combined capacity of 0.85 kW. The 11 foot is also available as a “Lifting Top” model with an aluminium frame. The “Lifting Top” construction is ideal for Unimogs and other trucks with a relatively low cabin. With the “Lifting Top” all the way down, you lower the centre of gravity, making it even more capable off the road. With its dry weight just over 1650 kg, it is a real light weight.

11 foot unit – High Bed Lifting Top

A compact interior with a retractable roof, very suitable for trucks with a low...

11 foot unit – High Bed

A compact and comfortable interior that suits all the needs for a comfortable...

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