Heating and cooling

Extremely cold temperatures can damage the water and electric system. If the unit is stored in sub-zero temperatures, make sure to take the appropriate precautions and actively check and monitor your Bliss Mobil unit.

Bliss Mobil provides training on how to winterize your unit and prepare it for storage in sub-zero temperatures. This information can be found in our on- and offline manuals and the FAQ’s on the customer portal.

Solar operated inlet fans

Two solar-powered roof fans, ensure the circulation of fresh air throughout the interior of the unit. Because they have their own power circuit, they are completely independent and can be operated permanently. The inlet fans are fitted with insect screens to prevent bugs from entering the unit. The fans are capable of acting as inlet or extractor fan, depending on the selected setting using the switch.

Diesel air-heater

Every Bliss Mobil unit is fitted with three standard heating methods. The diesel air-heater complements the floor heating and the reverse cycle of the air conditioning unit. Located, and also therefore protected in the garage or under the couch, the compact and powerful diesel air-heater provides highly efficient hot air through two outlets located in the centre of the unit.

The heater works quietly and consumes very little power and fuel. Fuel consumption is between 0,1 – 0,4 litre an hour (depending on heater type and heating mode). The diesel tank, independent of the truck diesel tank(s), is located in the garage to ensure the unit’s independence from the truck and ensure the diesel does not freeze in extreme conditions. Optionally, a switch-over valve can be installed to connect the diesel heater to the truck’s main diesel tank. Depending on the unit type, the diesel heater can be used at altitudes as high as 5000m (16.400 Ft).

Air conditioning

The air conditioning unit is a light weight under-bench unit with a heat pump and a closed, maintenance-free cooling unit. Performance is up to  2.4kW – 8.200 Btu/h at an ambient temperature in the range of 3°C to 40°C. A second, parallel heating source is provided, benefitting from the possibility of the ‘reverse cycle’. The unit features a multifunctional remote control and superior energy efficiency rate. It is equipped with two or three air-outlets and controllable air volume. It is easy to operate by remote control and it is possible to set a timing program, for those who travel with a consistent schedule. Two or three outlets located throughout the unit supply both cold and hot air, ensuring a comfortable air temperature.

Floor heating

A silent and comfortable heating option is provided via a reliable electrical floor heating system which covers the entire floor area. The floor heating is divided into two separate circuits; the main section being the comfort circuit, the second section being the frost protection circuit for the internal garage, batteries and water tanks. The comfort floorheating has a maximum output between 350W and 650W, depending on model type, and is temperature controlled by the smart home system.

Combined with the fact that the vulnerable components are located within the insulated walls of the unit, extremely low temperatures are no longer a risk factor. The entire system is controlled by the smart home system, allowing you to fine-tune the settings according to your own preferences.

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