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11 foot unit - High Bed Lifting Top

The 11 foot unit Lifting Top has an aluminium frame and weighs less than 1,600kg. With such a low dry weight rating, this model is particularly suitable for vehicles with limited load carrying capacity like the Ford F550, Iveco Daily or Fuso Canter.

In closed position, the height of the unit is only 1700mm, making it an ideal expedition unit for areas with reduced clearance heights. Due to the retractable roof, the Bliss Mobil unit has an extremely low point of gravity when the roof is all the way down.

The roof is operated via the connection box on the side of the unit. The roof is set in motion by means of four actuators. The fact that a vacuum is created inside the unit when the roof is raised without the door open, is a good indication of how well the body is insulated.

Due to the retractable roof, the microwave has been moved to the wall on the left side of the entrance. A large drawer is located where a part of the fresh water tank would normally be, to make up for the missing cabinets in the kitchen.

Just like the regular High Bed model, the bed is placed above the couch and can be electronically lowered, raised and levelled by activating the four actuators.

The large seating area underneath the bed easily seats four to six people. The large, U-shaped couch can also be converted to a bed of 1400 x 2000 mm. If needs be, four people can sleep in the 11 foot Bliss Mobil with the High Bed layout. The Lithium-ion battery bank(s), fresh water tank and deep freezer are located underneath the couch.

With the bed folded away, the interior becomes very spacious. The fully-equipped kitchen features a fridge, deep freezer, Fenix countertop, stove hood and two induction hobs. The kitchen can be upgraded with the optional kitchen set. This set includes pots, pans, plates, cutlery and will make your kitchen complete.

A full wet bath is located at the back of the Bliss Mobil. This area features a large shower with two cabinets that offer waterproof storage. A yachting grade ceramic, macerator toilet is also part of the standard equipment. The combined bathroom can be outfitted with the optional 24V towel heater.

Product Code: Z1192

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