Smart home

The brain of your Bliss Mobil

Whereas the Lithium-ion battery system is often referred to as the heart of the Bliss Mobil, the Smart Home system is, without a doubt, the brain of the unit.

The Smart Home system is what is referred to when someone is able to switch on the lights with an app or a remote control. However, the Bliss Mobil Smart Home system is so much more than that. The functionalities of our system vary from mundane tasks such as switching on the dimmable lights to the operation of the electric floor heating or hot water boiler.

Besides enhancing the level of comfort and making life a bit easier, our Smart Home system can and will protect your Bliss Mobil unit. Multiple heat and water sensors are attached to this system with pre-set parameters. The system will automatically detect when ventilators need to switch on to abduct hot air from the battery compartment and the water system will automatically shut off when water is located in areas where it should not be.

The application which controls the Smart Home system, can be installed on your mobile phone as well. The application also comes pre-installed on the Garmin Overlander, which we deliver as standard in every Bliss Mobil unit. The fact that the application can be run from any device, enables any traveller to use all the functions of the Bliss Mobil unit. When the driver is manoeuvring through rough terrain, the passenger can switch on and adjust the optional 360° camera system to get a better view of the surroundings.

While driving, the truck’s alternator charges the batteries. To make efficient use of the abundance of energy while driving, one could switch on the boiler to prepare a hot shower upon arrival after a long day travelling through cold areas. For those who have spent the day crossing a hot desert, the ability to switch on the air conditioning while driving and thus losing close to no battery capacity, is a very valuable feature.

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