Lithium-ion batteries


Every Bliss Mobil is equipped with powerful, maintenance-free Lithium-ion batteries in order to store large amounts of power in a reliable and efficient fashion.

Depending on the size of your Bliss Mobil and the chosen accessories, every Bliss Mobil has one or two battery banks. The 24V banks consist of 8 batteries each of which are connected in parallel in case of a double bank system. A single bank setup has an aggregate capacity of 400Ah and 10kWh, this is doubled when the Bliss Mobil is fitted with a double bank setup.

In the unlikely event that a battery bank should fail, the Bliss Mobil unit can still operate on one bank.

Advantages of Lithium-Ion batteries

The unique characteristics of the lithium-ion batteries allow them to be discharged up to 85% versus 30-50% for conventional lead acid batteries (AGM). 

The flat discharge curve of a Lithium-ion battery means that they can deliver to their full rate capacity even at high currents. A sharp contrast to traditional AGM batteries which have as much as a 40% loss in capacity at high loads. 

On average, a typical lead acid battery lasts from 500 up to 1000 cycles. Our Lithium-ion battery banks can easily get up to 2000 cycles if they have been well taken care of. In addition to this, Lithium-ion batteries do not lose energy while charging, whereas traditional lead acid batteries lose up to 15% while charging.

A Bliss Mobil is meant to be used, but life sometimes dictates otherwise.  In the case of storing or shipping a Bliss Mobil, the batteries can be completely switched off by using the battery main switched and/or main circuit breakers. Due to the extremely low self-discharge rate, the batteries can be stored safely for longer periods of time when handled properly.

Battery Management System

To ensure the batteries’ reliability and durability, a high-tech Battery Management System (BMS) comes as standard. The BMS measures under and overvoltage in order to prevent the batteries into a deep discharge.

If the user does not respond to the audio warning, the BMS will shut down the batteries automatically. The Battery Management System is more than just a backup in case of failure, it also prolongs the lifespan of the battery banks by equalising the voltages of the cells.

The BMS can be easily configured by connecting the BMS control unit to your laptop or computer. The BMS is also capable of displaying the real time status of the independent cells and historical data including power consumption, cell voltage and cell temperature via Bluetooth on your tablet or mobile device.

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