Inside the Bliss Mobil you will find all the amenities of home, and a lot more! The Bliss Mobil unit does not just offer the same functions as you have at home, but it is supposed to actually feel like your home away from home.

The versatile, well-thought out design offers a warm and inviting space to spend your travelling days. The interior design is luxurious yet functional and durable, with contemporary yacht design influences. All the furniture found in the interior is of our own production and has undergone thorough quality checks.

By using solid bamboo panels, Fenix and yacht-quality textiles, the interior exudes quality and luxury. To accomplish this luxurious feeling, we went to great lengths to make the interior as homely as possible and at the same time keeping the technical appliances out of sight. 

Living in limited space

Constructed to yacht quality standards, the U-shaped couch has ample room for up to six people, easily providing enough space to enjoy a family meal or to hang out with friends. The cushions are 90 or 100mm thick, making them extremely durable and comfortable.


All areas fitted with heat-sensitive equipment are equipped with temperature sensors, which automatically switches on the exhaust fans. As such, the risk of equipment overheating is reduced as much as possible.


Safety comes first, immediately followed by comfort. A Bliss Mobil is meant to travel in the harshest conditions and is therefore equipped with several smart features to guarantee a comfortable living habitat at all times.


A comprehensive indoor entertainment system is fitted as standard. The audio system is equipped with two high quality speakers and a subwoofer which allow you to play your favourite music or listen to the radio.

Heating and cooling

Extremely cold temperatures can damage the water and electric system. If the unit is stored in sub-zero temperatures, make sure to take the appropriate precautions and actively check and monitor your Bliss Mobil unit.


The kitchen is fitted with a spacious Fenix countertop, giving you plenty of workspace. The counter is equipped with a stainless steel sink and tap, and accommodates a two or four plate induction cooker depending on the kitchen size in your Bliss Mobil.

Bathroom and lavatory

Depending on the size of your Bliss Mobil and the chosen layout, you can opt for either a separate or a combined bathroom. In either case the bathroom will provide enough room to comfortably enjoy a refreshing shower.


The independent nature of a Bliss Mobil, also means that all equipment should function as intended even under the harshest of conditions. The total technical infrastructure is engineered with parallel backup systems for all essential equipment in mind.

New: Bliss Mobil Experience days

A unique opportunity to experience and use all aspects and functionalities of the Bliss yourself.

We are here for you

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