Abundance in backups

Staying functional at all times

The Smart Home system is designed to make life easier and more comfortable when travelling the world. However it is (and will always be) an automated system which could possibly fail, even though this is highly unlikely.

In the unfortunate instance that failure occurs, or if you simply prefer a more traditional push-button system, you can always use the Manual Override Panel. Using the panel, one is able to operate the entire unit without any meddling from the Smart Home system. The override panel, neatly tucked away behind an interior bamboo panel, is easily accessible and conveniently placed near the seating area.

The Override Panel is categorised and covers all the functionalities that the Smart Home system has to offer. In addition, you will also find all the necessary controls here for the operation of the table and the Webasto diesel heater. This makes the Bliss Mobil easy to use for everyone, at all times and under all conditions.

In the very unlikely event of a total power blackout, the vital functions of the Bliss Mobil can still be manually operated. The fresh water tank can be filled by using a manual valve and the same applies to emptying the black and grey water tanks.

In the even more unlikely event of failing battery banks, the batteries can be bypassed due to our unique energy plan. If you are near an on-shore power energy point, the battery charger can function as a direct power supply by connecting to grid power. The charger will take over all the functionalities of the battery banks, enabling you to use the Bliss Mobil unit again fully, until the battery banks are repaired. The same goes for the truck alternator, as long as the truck is running, truck power can be used to power the system directly without the need for functioning battery packs. 

All parts are standardised and thoroughly tested before being incorporated into the standard. All essential parts are selected from world-wide brands and are therefore widely available. We keep the most important and essential parts and components in stock in order to enable delivery on short notice.

New: Bliss Mobil Experience days

A unique opportunity to experience and use all aspects and functionalities of the Bliss yourself.

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