Garage area

Garage area in compact models

The area of the garage in a Bliss Mobil unit is determined by the size of the bed above it. Therefore, it should be no surprise that the garage areas in the 11, 13 and 15 foot models are slightly smaller than those in the bigger 18 and 20 foot Bliss Mobil units.

The garage area in all Bliss Mobil units is reachable from lockable hatches on both sides of the units, or alternatively from a hatch underneath the bed. It is the ideal area to pack away all your outdoor clothing, tools, supplies and equipment.

Besides storage, the garage also functions as a technical area where a large amount of installed equipment is located. Upon opening the garage area, one can see large protection plates in front of the grey and black water tanks, hot water boiler and the optional washing machine. After removing the protection plates, all the technical devices and their key components are within reach. All the valves, hoses, wiring and connections are neatly concealed, but easily accessible in case maintenance is required.

Garage with platform lift

The larger 18 and 20 foot models may be equipped with a lifting platform that can hold a Quad or ATV. The platform is capable of lifting 500kg of cargo from the ground into the garage at the flick of a switch. 

Not only does a garage with this platform guarantee a clean and safe way of storing your equipment, it also enables the user to quickly access whatever is on the lift. The garage area is heated and ventilated to store items safely and properly.

The garage offers enough storage space for a full-size single seater 4×4 ATV, a small motorbike or a set of bicycles. Since these relatively heavy vehicles are stored inside the unit, rather than on the back, it enhances the drivability and off-road capability since the weight is located on the rear axle instead of behind it. Furthermore, all equipment is stored neatly inside thus eliminating your valuable equipment of being prone to weather influences, dirt and theft.

Spare tyres on steel doors

The large Bliss Mobil units equipped with the lifting platform, also have steel doors to access the internal garage. The doors are electronically operated and can be controlled via the connection box on the side of the Bliss Mobil unit.

The heavy-duty steel doors are perfectly capable of holding spare wheels. To raise or lower the spare wheels mounted on these steel doors, the Bliss Mobil is equipped with two winch-based sliders. You can access the spare tyres single-handedly within minutes, without any physical strength whatsoever. 

With this system, there is no need for a heavy construction system or complicated and time-consuming handling. The winch-based sliders have a towing capacity of 400kg each. Positioning the spare tyres as low as possible on the unit maintains optimal driving comfort.

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