15 foot unit – details

With a dry weight of 2.200kg and a length of 4700mm, the unit is suitable for any 4×4 truck with a wheelbase of 3.800-4.200mm. The 15 foot units are -depending on customer’s preference- equipped with a steel or aluminium frame and 60mm composite walls with a PET core.

The 15 foot unit is the ideal expedition vehicle and very popular amongst those who travel with two people, but want to be able to receive guests every now and then. In the last years, we designed alternative layouts that have optimised this unit into the perfect unit for a family of two adults and two young children. The option for a high bed optimises inside space, which can be used for additional storage. The 15 foot has a complete and compact array of equipment for independent travel.

You can leave civilisation behind for a very long period of time without any compromise thanks to 460 litres of fresh water and an incredibly well thought-out energy system. This system consists of four solar panels with a combined capacity of 0.96kW. The power is stored in two parallel connected 24V Lithium-Ion battery packs with a joint output capacity of >20 kWh or over 800Ah of energy storage.

To make life off-the-grid more comfortable, every 15 foot Bliss Mobil is outfitted with a 40 litre freezer, air conditioning, multiple ways of heating the unit and numerous additional comfort and travel features.

Every Bliss Mobil unit is built with aluminium frame with twistlock castings. Our trademark way of building with strong frames and corner castings has many advantages. One of these advantages is that it provides a way to mount heavy equipment on your Bliss Mobil. Our motorbike carrier has been completely redesigned and made out of high quality 6082 anodized aluminium, enabling it to carry a weight of up to 450 kg. This optional piece of equipment can carry a spare wheel and a motorcycle, or two to four (electric) bicycles and a spare wheel. Since you want to be able to operate the carrier in even the harshest conditions, we have simplified the use of the winch which makes it even more convenient to operate.

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