Fire prevention

All areas fitted with heat-sensitive equipment are equipped with temperature sensors, which automatically switches on the exhaust fans. As such, the risk of equipment overheating is reduced as much as possible. This prevents unexpected equipment failure and more importantly, potential fire hazards. The electrical compartments are equipped with double exhaust fans and large open air slots to promote air circulation. Heat sinks are applied where possible. All installation equipment used, such as the tie wraps, cable wraps and cable ducts, are of the highest quality and temperature resistance available on the market. The vehicle is fitted with reliable lithium-ion powered smoke detectors to give an early warning in the unlikely case of fire.

Safe escape routes

Every Bliss Mobil unit with a separate seating and sleeping area, is divided into two areas. In case of an emergency, those located in the seating area, can escape by using the entrance door. Those who are in the sleeping area, have an escape hatch at their disposal to crawl through.

A third exit hatch could be created in the seating area. Occupants could then gain direct access to their truck cabin via this optional crawl-through accessory.

New: Bliss Mobil Experience days

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