Independent travelling to remote areas involves securing the first necessity in life: water. One can never count on the availability of an adequate water supply, either in quantity or in quality. Shortage of water, or poor water quality will limit your comfort and can even be life-threatening.

Sufficient energy is a prerequisite for clean hot and cold water. It is necessary to fill, filter, store, heat, pump and dump your water. Thanks to the solar charged large capacity lithium-ion batteries, every Bliss Mobil unit is fitted with more than enough power.

The Bliss Mobil offers a smart water system with an abundance of clean drinking water and several unique features. An example of the well thought-out water system is not only filtering the water when filling the tank but also when extracting water from the tank. When extracting water a combination of fine active carbon and UV filtration make sure the water is clean and bacteria free.

Our water plate is specially designed to ensure all filters and pumps are in one compact space making it easily accessible for repairs, replacement and maintenance.

One of the unique Bliss Mobil features is the optional compact and powerful water maker. This feature offers travellers a virtual water capacity of thousands of liters of high quality potable water.

Hot water

Hot water is provided by an electric boiler that matches high marine-quality...

Water consumption

In order to be able to interpret the size of the freshwater tank it makes sense...

Water infrastructure

The water infrastructure is reliable and robust. All tanks are equipped with...


To facilitate easy outside operations all units are equipped with a connection...

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