Connection box

To facilitate easy outside operations all units are equipped with a connection box. The connection box is the central location from which all relevant outside operations can be performed.

From the connection box the freshwater tank can be filled and the waste water tanks can be emptied. The two integrated pressure gauges provide information about the water intake (filling the freshwater tank) as well as the fresh water pressure in the water system.

Taking a hot shower outside is possible by using the water outlet, positioned in the connection box.

Water maker

One of the unique Bliss Mobil features is the optional compact and powerful water maker. This feature offers travellers a virtual water capacity of thousands of litres of high quality potable water. 

This state of the art water filtration system is equipped with osmosis grade water filters, and is fully integrated into the smart home system. The water maker converts water from natural resources such as lakes and rivers into safe drinking water. As such, the virtual water capacity far exceeds the capacity of the fresh water holding tank. The water maker can produce 70-100 litres of clean water per hour.


Another feature is the waterplate. The waterplate is specially designed to ensure all filters and pumps are in one compact space making it easily accessible for repairs, replacement and maintenance.

The waterplate contains:

  • a UV filter
  • a carbon filter
  • the freshwater pump
  • the pump guard (coarse filter in front of the pump)
  • the accumulator tank
  • a water sensor, which shuts of the freshwater pump in case of leakage

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