Living in limited space

Seating area

Constructed to yacht quality standards, the U-shaped couch has ample room for up to six people, easily providing enough space to enjoy a family meal or to hang out with friends. The cushions are 90 or 100mm thick, making them extremely durable and comfortable.

The seat covers can be washed separately. Combined with the bamboo table, bamboo panelled cabinets, upholstered headliner and indirect dimmable LED lighting, the couch provides a comfortable, warm and luxurious place to relax.

It is possible to place a smaller seating area in your Bliss Mobil. This smaller seating area misses the corner pieces and the area at the head of the table. Placing a smaller seating area in your Bliss Mobil does have consequences, since the battery banks and fresh water tank are located underneath the seating area.

Sleeping area

Every seating area can be converted into a sleeping area. The table can be electronically lowered and the backrests can be placed on top of the tabletop when it is in the lowest position.

Starting with the 13 foot Bliss Mobil, every “Standard” layout has a fixed bed in the back. Sizes vary from 1400 x 2000mm up to 2000 x 2000mm, depending on the size of your Bliss Mobil unit.

The 11 foot is always fitted with a so-called ‘High Bed’. This bed, which is located above the seating area, can be lowered electronically, saving you an enormous amount of valuable space. Furthermore, the bed can be levelled due to the possibility of independently setting the height for both the left and right sides. Sleeping at an inconvenient angle belongs to the past in the High Bed. Since this module is an incredible space-saver, it is available in all different Bliss Mobil units.

The ‘High Bed’ module is an option that can be placed in all size units. Combined with additional storage space, this configuration is very space-efficient. If you combine the High Bed configuration with additional beds in the back, the Bliss Mobil transforms into an optimised family unit.

Cabinets and storage

Throughout the unit, overhead cabinets are in place to ensure enough storage capacity for your everyday needs. All cabinets are equipped with ventilation slots to allow air to circulate through the cabinets, preventing stale air or excessive humidity. A spacious wardrobe equipped with closet rods and shelving is located in the centre of the vehicle. Both the wardrobe and the kitchen cabinets are fitted with large drawers for your convenience.

You can also store items in the indoor garage. Besides safely storing your ATV or (motor)bikes (in the 18 and 20 foot Bliss Mobil units), the garage offers additional storage space for tools and spare parts. We can also offer inhouse engineered storage systems for the different sized indoor garages.

New: Bliss Mobil Experience days

A unique opportunity to experience and use all aspects and functionalities of the Bliss yourself.

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