Connection box

To facilitate easy external operation, all units are equipped with a so-called connection box. The connection box is the central location from which all relevant external operations can be performed. These operations can broadly be divided into two categories: Water and Electricity. 

For example, the fresh water tank can be filled and the waste water tanks can be emptied from the connection box. The two integrated pressure gauges provide information regarding the water intake and outlet system. Taking a shower outside is made possible by connecting the standard shower head to the universal water connection.

Electrical operations include grid-charging the batteries and using the 12V and 230V power outlets. When your Bliss Mobil is equipped with an internal quad garage (20 foot “Standard” or 18 foot “Long Bed”), the garage doors can be operated from the connection box as well.

These large units with quad garages, also have a power reel inside the connection box which can be used to charge outdoor equipment.

The connection box is manufactured in-house at Bliss Mobil and is completely made of fiberglass reinforced polyester and thus thermal bridge free and well insulated. A solid, stainless steel hinge and gas spring ensure durable operation. For convenient and safe operation the connection box is equipped with a soft backlight, as well as a bright floodlight which is mounted on the hatch providing enough light for outdoor activities. Furthermore, the housing is equipped with 2 waterproof speakers that are connected to the interior audio system. Enabling you to enjoy music while barbecuing, or reading a book outside.


The Bliss Mobil always comes with a standard awning. This awning is easy to set up and uses the sun-rail on the side of a Bliss Mobil. Depending on the size of your Bliss Mobil, the awning has to be attached at three to five different points on the Bliss Mobil  in order to be stable enough. To finalise the set up, two or three legs will have to be used to keep the awning upright. The awning has a cut-out for the entrance door, which can then still be used even with the awning out.

Since comfort and convenience are very important to us and to our customers, we have developed an awning that is even easier to set up than our standard awning. This high-end, batwing-like awning has extendable arms and does not use any legs whatsoever.

The arms are made of 7075 aluminium to ensure a strong and secure set-up. The canvas is made of an outdoor grade, weatherproof, flame retardant, ripstop material. As an option you can order an additional mosquito net made of mesh which blocks out the mosquitoes, but not your view!

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