18 foot unit - High Bed Family

All the spacious interior features and functions that one would expect for a large unit like this, and much more. The large kitchen from a Standard model makes place for a more compact one, in order to free up space for a large cabinet. The cabinet is large enough to fit the optional washing machine in, which is no unnecessary luxury for a family of five.

Our signature lavatory and bathroom placement distinguishes this layout from the Standard configurations. The glass doors are still there and still serve as a room divider, but the lavatory and bathroom are placed next to each other.

When the bathroom door is angled at 90 degrees, the living room is separated from the back quarter, where one single and one bunk bed are located. Large drawers are placed underneath the single bed and the outside garage is located underneath the bunk bed. Every bed has its own window.

Next to the entrance and opposite the kitchen there are large hanging cabinets. The large seating area is the same as you would find in a Standard interior. The large, U-shaped couch can be converted to a bed by lowering the electronically operated table. Underneath the couch area a large fresh water tank, double Lithium-ion battery bank and a deep freezer are located.

Above the seating area is the High Bed. This bed can be lowered, raised and levelled by the flick of a switch. The comfortable bed is 1400 x 2000mm and sleeps two persons.

The compact garage is accessible from the outside by using the hatch on either side. Should the available storage space prove to be insufficient, we also offer storage boxes that can be placed on the Bliss Mobil body, the truck chassis, subframe or on top of the optional roof rack.

Product Code: Z1893

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