Plumbing infrastructure

The plumbing infrastructure is reliable and robust, functional in sub-zero temperatures, with back-up facilities and double functions for easy switchover in case of malfunction. The flexible water tubing is used for hot, cold and wastewater plumbing lines. The flexible tubing has many advantages over rigid copper or plastic piping.

The flexible tubing enables easy installation and service, has fewer parts and is much more pressure and vibration-resistant. This is important due to vibrations from the truck. All water tubing is DVGW-certified.

There is a pressure regulator installed on the water fill which prevents overpressure when filling the freshwater tank. Also two manometers are installed and visible in the connection box. One gives the pressure in the filling circuit, the other the pressure within the water circuit.

Furthermore, the system is equipped with strategically placed leakage sensors. These sensors are connected to the domotics system. In the unlikely case of a leak, the domotics system will automatically shut down relevant pumps and valves to prevent damage. By relaying the location of the leak on the tablet, easy and fast repairs can be facilitated.

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