Smart vehicle

The Smart Home system in the Bliss Mobil is a WiFi-based system which uses the vehicle’s own WiFi network. Through a series of control units, every electrical device can be operated remotely using the complementary tablet or any type of smartphone. Readily apparent advantages of this system include; remotely opening and closing the grey and black water tank discharge valves and switching the lights on or off from anywhere in or outside of the vehicle.

The Smart Home system is also used to program logical switch operations. For example, logic is used for shutting down pumps and opening or closing valves when water tank levels are above predetermined threshold levels. Logic can also be used to automatically switch on an exhaust fan or the floor heating system when temperature measurements in a certain area meet a specified threshold. In this way the system protects the water tanks and batteries from freezing temperatures in extreme conditions.

Read more about the domotics system and other smart features under the ‘Smart’ tab in the sub menu.

Wireless light switches

Wireless light switches based on EnOcean technology is another application of the Smart Home system. The (light) switches are battery-free and pulse a megahertz signal when switched on, subsequently triggering a switching operation in the server. Using this system, switches can be easily replaced and relocated without having to worry about wiring. Using the optional computer accessory, the switching characteristics of each switch can be easily altered by changing the triggered function on the server. This can be done at any given point in time without touching a single wire.

In addition to the light switches, it is also possible to control the lighting via tablet or any other mobile device.

Override panel

Although everything can be switched on or off and monitored with the tablet domotics system, there is a clear and easy back up; the override panel. Via this override panel, everything that is switchable can be switched on or off centrally. All power supply circuits, such as the truck alternator, solar and grid can be monitored and switched on and off individually using the override panel.

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