20 foot unit - Low Bed

The 20 foot Low Bed model is equipped with a fixed  2.000 x 2.000 mm size comfortable double bed, at a comfortable height (1100 mm) and additional head room in the bed, a six-person U-shaped couch (convertible into a double bed), and a fully equipped spacious kitchen

The 20 foot Bliss Low Bed has a spacious garage (900 mm height) with large side hatches. 

If you prefer to bring an alternative way of transport with you, it is possible to opt for a motorbike carrier on the back. The aluminium carrier can hold up to 500kg and thus can easily hold a motorbike and a spare wheel.

The lavatory and bathroom are separated and both positioned opposite the bunk bed. When set at 90 degrees, the door of the shower doubles as a divider between the living and sleeping area.

Product Code: Z2091

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