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20 foot unit – Middle Couch Quad Garage

The 20 foot Bliss Mobil is one of the larger Bliss Mobil units we offer. All our units are built according to a standardised and modular process and principle. In the 20 foot Middle Couch, the couch has been moved from the front, where it is normally located in the standard model, directly in front of the bed. This makes the interior more open as there is no visual separation between the front and rear of the living area. A 20 foot unit is equipped with all the accessories that are optional in our compact units.

As you enter the interior, the seating area is located on the left-hand side. It consists of a large U-shaped couch and an electronically controlled bamboo table. The spacious seating area offers space for four to six people and can be converted into a comfortable double bed by lowering the table and folding down the backrests. Directly opposite is the spacious kitchen with Fenix worktop, four induction hobs, a large fridge and plenty of storage space.

Next to the entrance and directly opposite the kitchen is a large cupboard. As with all Bliss mobiles, there is a VESA mount on the side of the cupboard to which a 22″ iMac is attached.

Towards the front of the living area is a spacious toilet with a yacht-quality ceramic toilet and a fountain. Opposite the toilet is the bathroom, which, like the toilet, is equipped with a powerful ventilation system and high-quality materials. Each 20 foot Bliss Mobil comes with an electric towel heater as standard and we have optimized the available space behind the toilet with large cabinets.

At the rear of the unit is a large bed (2,000 x 2,000 mm) in which you can sleep both lengthways and crossways. On the sides of the bed are practical storage areas for books and glasses or USB sockets for charging mobile phones or e-readers. The large windows and roof hatches are fitted with blinds and mosquito nets to allow fresh air to circulate during the night

A 20 foot unit – Middle Couch Quad Garage is equipped with a ATV platform in the rear garage. This platform is large enough to accommodate most single-seater quads up to 500 kg. It can also be used for a number of other setups, such as 2 bikes and 1 motorcycle, or a storage box system.

Another advantage of the Quad Garage is its arrangement at the rear of the Bliss Mobil. The two large doors make it possible to store two spare tyres, which can be raised or lowered using the integrated winch system.

With a 20 foot Bliss Mobil you can travel the world in comfort and luxury. But one of the most important reasons for choosing such a spacious vehicle is the abundance of water and electricity and the ability to stock up on enough supplies to live independently of the outside world for months on end.

Product Code: Z2095

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