20 foot unit - Standard Quad Garage

The 20 foot Bliss Mobil is one of the larger Bliss Mobil units available. In contrast to what the name indicates, a 20 foot Bliss Mobil with this interior is far from standard. Although all our units are built according to the same, standardised and modular method and principle, the 20 foot is fully equipped with accessories that would be optional on our more compact units.

Upon entering the interior, a large kitchen can be found with a Fenix countertop, four induction hobs, a large fridge and plenty of storage. The seating area is located next to the kitchen and consists of a large, U-shaped couch and an electronically operated bamboo table. The large seating area easily seats four to six people and can be converted to a bed by lowering the table and folding down the backrests.

A large cupboard is located next to the entrance and opposite the kitchen. As in every Bliss Mobil, there is a VESA mount on the side of the cupboard. Unlike the more compact Bliss Mobil units, the iMac 22” that is mounted on this VESA bracket is part of the standard equipment.

Next to the kitchen and large cabinet are the separate bathroom and lavatory. The large lavatory has a yachting grade ceramic macerator toilet and a fountain. The available space has been optimally used by placing large cabinets behind the toilet. The bathroom is located on the other side. Just like in the lavatory, the bathroom is equipped with a powerful ventilation system. Every 20 foot Bliss Mobil comes with an electric towel heater in the bathroom as standard.  When set at an angle of 90 degrees, the door of the shower doubles as a divider between the living and sleeping area.

The large bed is 2000 x 2000 mm and thus can be slept in sideways- or lengthwise. On the sides of the bed, convenient shelves are placed to store books, glasses or charge your phone or e-reader using the USB sockets. The large windows and roof hatches are fitted with shades and meshes, allowing cool air to flow through while resting.

In a 20 foot Bliss Mobil Standard Quad Garage the garage has a quad bike platform. This platform is large enough to place most single-seater quad bikes on and can hold up to 500kg.

Another advantage of the quad garage is the rear end of the Bliss Mobil body. Contrary to the layout of our models without a quad garage, this layout offers two large steel doors. Two spare wheels can be mounted on these doors. The heavy spare wheels can be operated by the use of an integral winch system.

The 20 foot Bliss Mobil is more than anyone would ever “need” but it allows you to travel the world in comfort and luxury. However, the most important reason to opt for a large unit like this is the abundance of water, power and the possibility to bring enough stock with you to live off the grid for months at a time.

Product Code: Z2090

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