When within range of the Bliss Mobil all communication goes via the unit’s own local WiFi network (LAN). When not in range you can control both the battery status and the domotics system through any internet connection worldwide via the routers GSM network or (optional) satellite receiver. This means whether your Bliss Mobil is parked just 5 km away or on the other side of the world, you are still in control.

Remote battery status
When connected to the internet you are able to receive a lot of useful and important data from the Bliss Mobil. Through the online VRM portal (Victron Remote Management) you can remotely monitor the battery status, solar yield and energy consumption. This way you are always up to date and able to take appropriate action if needed.

Remote operation domotics
Remotely controlling the domotics system means your are able to act as if you are there. For example it lets you monitor the temperature at 9 locations throughout the unit, switch on the frost protection or check the fill percentage of the water tanks. You can also switch on the boiler and floorheating remotely so upon arrival you can immediately enjoy the warmth and take a nice hot shower.

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