Smart on the outside

Strong, solid frame

We maintain the same principle that armed forces all over the world have been using for more than 50 years; every Bliss Mobil unit is built to the strength of a military container. Using either a steel or aluminium frame has resulted in an extremely robust design which is unparalleled in the overlanding industry. 

These military grade shelters with steel or aluminium frames are used around the globe under the most demanding conditions. Our initial calculations have shown that only an integrated, structural frame can successfully withstand all the forces encountered when traveling off road for a long period of time.


Every aspect of the Bliss Mobil has to be smart and well thought-through. Permanently placing a living habitat on a vehicle is far from smart; if one of the two entities fails, it renders the other one useless.

By using the global twistlock system, the Bliss Mobil can be easily lifted from its carrier by means of a crane or so-called ‘Lifting Legs’. This enables you to continue your journey, even when your vehicle breaks down.


Every Bliss Mobil is equipped with an internal stair system which is assisted by a hidden hydraulic-spring. This spring makes it easier to raise and lower the already lightweight, aluminium stairs. Due to the unique design of the Bliss Mobil, the stairs never touch the ground, which is an essential safety feature in case lighting should strike the vehicle.

Those with a more practical mindset will also value the fact that dirt and insects are less likely to become attached to the stairs. 

Connection Box

The connection box is a recessed box situated on the side of every Bliss Mobil unit. It houses all the relevant connections for outside operation. The battery grid charging inlet, the water tank filling connection and the outside shower controls are a few examples of what can be operated from the connection box.

Although the connection box is a very comprehensive tool for outdoor activities, it is still very compact and easy to operate. The box is lockable and dust-free.

Recessed roof

The roof of every Bliss Mobil is recessed, protecting the solar panels and all other equipment positioned such as roof windows and 4G antennas. The steel or aluminium frame protects the equipment from any overhead items which may otherwise damage them.

Nato Connection

On the front and back of every Bliss Mobil unit you will find a NATO connection. On the front of the unit this plug can be connected to the truck alternator. When the “Truck Connect” option is switched on, the Lithium-ion batteries in the Bliss Mobil are charged by the truck. Due to smart home logic, the system functions completely automatic, switching on when the engine is started and switching off when the engine is stopped.

The NATO connection on the back can be used to operate the optional motorbike carrier.

Outlets and fans

Ventilation, humidity-control and fresh air are very important when living in a relatively compact area. In every Bliss Mobil a wide range of ventilation systems, which operate independently of each other, come as standard. Ventilators behind the fridge and in the battery compartment prevent the unwanted build-up of heat, while ventilators in the bathroom and shower extract damp air and undesirable odours. Solar powered roof ventilators ensure that enough fresh air circulates inside the Bliss Mobil unit, even when the windows are closed. The main exhaust fans have iris-style shutters that automatically close when the fans are not switched on, preventing ingress of dust and or cold/hot air.


The Bliss Mobil subframe is a vital part of the smart solutions offered by the Bliss Mobil. This torsion-free piece of technology is developed in-house based on endless calculations and real-world testing during many years of development.

The subframe is the essential connection between your vehicle and the Bliss Mobil unit, as it intercepts and absorbs all the force of impact experienced while driving on rough terrain.

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