Ways of charging

Solar power

The roof of every Bliss Mobil unit is installed with a large number of high quality, powerful monocrystalline solar panels. The amount, and thus the output, of the solar panels varies per size with a minimum of 0.83kW for an 11’ foot unit up to 1.90kW for a 20’ foot Bliss Mobil. 

A smart MPPT solar controller ensures a maximum current output, in order to fully capitalise on the energy supply of the solar panels.

Truck alternator

Besides the abundant capacity of the solar panel system, power can also be generated by the truck’s alternator. The alternator functions as a back-up power generation source. The average alternator will supply approximately 70A on 24v (depending on the truck), due to smart regulation of the connector device. The alternator cable with NATO plug is the only cable connecting the Bliss Mobil vehicle to the unit.

This connection can also be used to start the truck utilising the Bliss Mobil batteries should the truck batteries fail.

Those who are used to bringing their own generator on journeys, can consider the truck as the largest generator imaginable.

Inverter & charging

The nominal voltage of the battery banks is 24V. Due to multiple inverters, there is also a stabilised 12V, 24V and 230V network. The 230VAC is generated by a powerful, 5kW inverter, enabling you to run the induction stove and air conditioning at the same time. The inverter doubles as a 120A-24V charging device for 230V grid power.

Travellers in North America can opt for a 110V 3kW inverter.

Non-volatile propane

Due to the incredible capacity of the battery banks and the abundance of charging methods, there is no need for propane. 

Not being dependent on large bottles of propane gas stored in your expedition vehicle has a lot of other advantages as well. There are no open flames, which are always a hazard, and there is no need to bring multiple, highly flammable bottles of gas with you during bumpy, off-road trips.

In this day and age, shipping companies world-wide are hesitant to ship expedition vehicles which are operated on gas. Given that quite a few of these traditional vehicles have burned out during shipment, their hesitation is absolutely justified.

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