The exterior of the Bliss Mobil unit is characterized by its solid, box-like shape, twistlock corner castings and detailed finish. Due to the all-in-one box concept, there are no components like tanks or stairways mounted outside the contour of the container frame.

The exterior of a Bliss Mobil unit is very robust and features smart solutions such as solar powered ventilation and the very well thought-out connection box.

All exterior materials and features are thoroughly tested to ensure their resistance to virtually all weather and climate conditions.

Secured access

The 60mm thick entrance door with its 3 point locking system is extremely secure....

Lights and security

In addition to the LED above the entrance door, the Bliss Mobil can be outfitted...

Natural ventilation

Every Bliss Mobil is outfitted with windows and roof hatches that are as large as...


To facilitate easy external operation, all units are equipped with a so-called...

New: Bliss Mobil Experience days

A unique opportunity to experience and use all aspects and functionalities of the Bliss yourself.

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