23 foot unit - Low bed

The 23 foot Low Bed Bliss Mobil unit is equipped with a 2.000 x 2.000mm bed that is situated in the rear and, as the name suggests, at low height. The bed itself can be slept lengthwise and can be completely separated from the rest of the unit thanks to sliding doors. Ample storage is provided by overhead cabinets and easily accessible shelves next to the large windows.

Underneath this bed one will find a spacious garage that can be accessed from both sides by using the big garage hatches.

Just as the rest of the seven meter long expedition bodies, the Low Bed features impressive specifications and plenty of possibilities to further upgrade the interior to your own preferences.

Whilst developing this model, extra attention has been paid to expand the storage capacity in such a way that it can accommodate extra accessories, appliances or increase the water- or energy capacity.

The 23 Low Bed features a comfortable seating area with large windows opposing each other.

The spacious XL kitchen is equipped with a coffee maker, large fridge, four induction hobs, a combi-oven and plenty of storage capacity. The kitchen can be further equipped with the kitchen set and a steam oven. Every 23 foot model comes with a spacious cabinet between the kitchen and bathroom.

Further along in this “yacht on wheels” the lavatory and bathroom separate the living area from the sleeping area, when you place the bathroom door in a 90 degree angle. The lavatory is equipped with a ceramic toilet that is situated above a large black water tank. Plenty of storage is available for sanitary goods in the large cabinet and shelves. By default a central vacuum system and ventilator are installed in the lavatory. The latter can be changed out for an additional window.

The shower area provides plenty of space and is equipped with a water-efficient shower head. The shelves accommodate storage space for shower items like soap and shampoo. Optionally the bathroom can be equipped with a folding sink. An electric towel heater is installed by default and very convenient for drying clothes.

The 23 foot Low Bed exceeds any expectations. The Low Bed Model has no quad garage, but due to the strong overall frame of the unit, a carrier can be mounted on the rear to take secondary transport on your travels.

Product Code: Z2391

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